About Laptop Watch

The world of technology is constantly changing. Research and development lead to new technology, new concepts and new products at a terrific pace, and nowhere is this more true than in the field of mobile and portable computing.

Where once even a basic laptop was a luxury item, the exclusive province of power users and the very, very rich, they are now commodity items. Laptops offer the convenience of portability at a price point that is competitive with old-style desktop machines. Even though they may be slightly more expensive than a desktop of equal power, they offer features that are beyond their desk-bound brethren.

Portability, a small desktop footprint and the ability to do real work while sitting on the couch make laptops a desirable purchase. Of course, tablets offer even greater portability and a substantially smaller footprint, but, while they are great for watching movies and playing some games, they are not quite so useful for getting things done – writing a novel on a tablet is certainly possible, but wouldn’t be nearly as easy as producing the same novel on a full-featured laptop.

But which laptop to choose? The ever-changing array of new products and features makes it difficult to pick a laptop that meets your needs. It is all too easy to be tempted by the latest glittering technology, only to find that you have spent far more than you need to, or, worse, have acquired a laptop that is incapable of doing what you want it to.

That’s where Laptop Watch can help! With a background in information technology that dates back to before there were laptops, you can be sure that the views presented on these pages are founded on solid experience. Whether you’re looking for a high-powered gaming laptop, something to help the kids with their homework or an entry-level, budget machine to get you started, you will find information here to help you choose a laptop that’s right for you.

Affiliate Disclosure

You will probably have noticed that many, if not all of those pages link to other websites, such as Amazon.com, where you can actually buy the products described. When you follow one of those links and buy something from the site(s) linked to, the owner(s) of Laptop Watch earn a commission on the sale.