Dell Inspiron i17R-1316sLV 17-Inch Laptop Review

Dell Inspiron i17R-1316sLV 17-Inch Laptop

The Dell Inspiron i17R-1316sLV is a mid-range laptop aimed squarely at the digital lifestyle and entertainment category.

Built around a 3rd generation Intel Core i5-3210M CPU with 3M cache, 6GB of DDR3 RAM and a 1TB hard drive, this is a machine intended to breeze through everyday tasks. Surfing the internet, video chat and routine document editing should present no problems, while the 17″ display is ideal for watching movies.

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HD video is well within this laptop’s capabilities, but the on-board Intel HD Graphics 4000 may struggle with some of today’s more demanding video games. That said, this is clearly not designed or promoted as a gaming laptop; it is a mid-range all-rounder, with an emphasis on digital entertainment, and in that respect it should be easily able to meet – and exceed – expectations.

The interchangeable, multi-colored SWITCH lids are a further nod towards the Inspiron i17R-1316sLV’s emphasis on light-hearted fun. They are, without question, a gimmick, and would find no place in a more serious, business-oriented product. But for those who want to personalise their laptop, or, as the product’s promotional material says, have it blend in with their living room décor, they’re  nice touch.

Pros :

  • Large Hard Disk
  • 17″ Display

Cons :

  • Graphics may be inadequate for serious gaming

But this concession to frivolity shouldn’t be taken to mean that this is anything other than a well equipped laptop. With WiFi, Bluetooth, two USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port, an 8-in-1 card reader and an 8x Tray Load, Dual Layer DVD+R drive on board, it is easily able to access digital content, be it movies, music or pictures, either from local storage or from online services. And, if that 17″ display isn’t big enough for everyone to gather around, you can use the machine’s HDMI port to connect a full-sized TV or monitor.

This laptop ships with Windows 8, the latest version of Microsoft’s world-beating operating system. Windows 8 makes some significant changes to the familiar Windows environment, and casual users may find them intimidating at first. With a little perseverance, though, the new way of working will quickly become second nature and shouldn’t put anyone off using the latest software.

Overall, the Dell Inspiron i17R-1316sLV is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a mid-range laptop for day-to-day use. The emphasis is clearly on digital entertainment, and the machine should meet this challenge well, although it may not be up to handling the latest, most demanding games. For music, movies, surfing the net, video chat and all the other countless everyday tasks that require a good, solid computer, though, this laptop should be ideal.

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