MSI Computer Corp GT70 0ND-444US 17.3-Inch Laptop Review

MSI Computer Corp GT70 0ND-444US 17.3-Inch Laptop

The MSI Computer Corp GT70 0ND-444US 17.3-Inch Laptop is a powerhouse of a laptop, designed specifically with gamers in mind, but equally well suited to other demanding tasks such as multimedia authoring and video editing.

As with other gaming laptops, this is not a small machine. With measurements of 16.85″ (L) x 2.17″(W) x 11.34″(H) and sporting a 17.3″ Full HD Anti-reflective display, it’s going to eat up a fair chunk of desk space. It’s no lightweight, either, weighing 8.6 pounds.

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Fortunately, there is much more to the machine than mere weight! Tucked inside the brushed aluminum case is a third generation Intel Core i7-3630QM quad core processor, 12GB of DDR3 RAM, a 750GB hard drive and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M discrete graphics with 2GB GDDR5 VRAM.

The i7-3630QM is a powerful CPU designed specifically for larger, high-end laptops. Thanks to Intel’s Hyperthreading technology, the processor’s four cores can handle up to eight threads simultaneously, greatly enhancing its efficiency. Intel’s Turbo Boost technology enables the processor to adjust its speed on the fly, from it’s base of 2.4GHz right up to 3.4GHz, as needed, to give the best possible balance between performance and power consumption.

The supplied 12GB of RAM should be more than enough for the machine to show off its gaming and multi-tasking capabilities, enabling the pre-installed 64-bit copy of Windows 8 to run with ease.

Similarly, the machine’s 750GB hard drive should offer more than enough space to cater for most needs. While not as fast as the Solid State Drives found on many Ultrabooks and some high-end laptops, it should still be easily fast enough to cope with the demands of gamers and power users alike. In view of the prohibitive expense of large SSDs, the choice of a reasonably capacious hard drive in this machine makes a great deal of sense.

Pros :

  • Fast, powerful processor
  • Plenty of RAM
  • Large hard disk
  • Excellent graphics
  • Neat backlit keyboard
  • Windows 8

Cons :

  • Large desktop footprint
  • Fairly heavy to move around

Graphics, of course, are at the heart of any gaming laptop, and the GT70 0ND-444US is well equipped in that respect. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M is an extremely capable graphics solution that should have little difficulty handling many of the most recent games in full HD at maximum detail settings. Even the most demanding titles should only require a slight reduction in detail to ensure smooth performance.

However, not all applications need the superior capabilities of the GTX 675M. Day to day tasks are easily accomplished with much less sophisticated graphics hardware that consumes a fraction of power used by the GTX 675M. In the interest of reducing that power consumption, and thereby prolonging battery life, this machine takes advantage of NVIDIA’s Optimus technology. This enables it to automatically and seamlessly switch between integrated (Intel HD Graphics 4000, in this case) and discrete graphics on the fly. The result is amazing graphics performance when you need it in games etc, and reduced power consumption when you don’t.

Sound is almost as important as graphics to the gaming experience, and it hasn’t been overlooked in this machine. Dynaudio Premium Sound Technology premium speakers are fitted to the GT70 0ND-444US, along with a subwoofer for a truly immersive experience.

Network connectivity is provided by 802.11 b/g/n WiFi for wireless connections, and, for wired networking, Killer E2200 Game Networking. This automatically classifies and prioritizes latency-sensitive network traffic, giving you more control and fewer interruptions at times when you least need them.

Other ports include a VGA port for connecting to an older-style monitor or projector, and an HDMI port for connecting to a modern monitor or HDTV – great for playing games on a big screen, or watching movies played on the built-in super-multi Blu-Ray drive.

Three high speed USB 3.0 ports, a standard USB 2.0 port and a USB / eSATA combo port ensure that there should never be an difficulty in attaching wired peripherals, while Bluetooth 4.0 handles wireless mice, headsets and other devices. A multi-format card reader and the usual line in, mic in and headphones jack make up the rest of the input / output ports.

All gamers will appreciate the importance of a reliable, responsive keyboard. The SteelSeries keyboard fitted to this laptop boasts of immediate response times and accurate handling of up to 10 simultaneous key strokes. It’s also beautifully backlit, offering a wide range of customisations and over 1000 colour combinations. The subtle rearrangement of some keys may initially confuse veteran keyboarders, but the benefits to hardcore gamers more than make up for a few moments’ perplexity.

In summary, this is an impressively powerful gaming machine that has much to recommend it. Aside from its good looks, the powerful processor and high spec graphics options offer an excellent balance between performance and power consumption. It’s neither small nor lightweight, so lugging it to and from gaming parties might not be too much fun, but you can be sure that, once there, it will easily hold its own against whatever your competitors may bring.

If you’re in the market for an impressive yet affordable gaming machine, the MSI Computer Corp GT70 0ND-444US 17.3-Inch Laptop may be exactly what you’ve been looking for!

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