Privacy and Cookies


Laptop Watch respects users’ privacy. Like all websites, Laptop Watch automatically records some information about each visit to the site, including the date and time of each visit, the visitor’s IP address, the type and version of web browsing software the visitor is using, their operating system, screen resolution and other details.

It is not expected that any of this information should enable Laptop Watch to personally identify any visitor to this website, nor does Laptop Watch wish or intend to capture personal information about individual visitors. Should such data become¬†inadvertently¬†known to Laptop Watch – for example, through the user’s own actions in disclosing it – it will be disregarded.

Such information as is recorded is used, in aggregate form, to monitor and analyse the performance of the Laptop Watch website against a range of targets including, but not limited to, speed and ease of use. It is particularly important that users should be able to find relevant information quickly and easily, and the information collected about visits to the site is used to assess and improve the visitors’ experience in this regard.


Cookies are small files that websites ask visitors’ web browsers to store for them, often containing information about the user’s visit to that website. In the vast majority of cases, cookies are harmless, and can be safely ignored. However, if you are concerned about a website’s use of cookies, you should consider instructing your web browser to refuse cookies from some or all websites, keeping in mind that some website cannot function correctly without them.

Laptop Watch does not make direct use of cookies. However, Laptop Watch makes use of third party services (namely, Statcounter) to monitor website traffic, as described above. It is likely that these services will make use of cookies for the purposes of collecting information about the way a website is used.

Furthermore, Laptop Watch participates in affiliate programs (namely, the Associates Program operated by and other associated websites) in order to earn commissions from purchases made when visitors to Laptop Watch follow links to those websites. Such affiliate programs routinely use cookies to keep track of which websites have earned commissions.